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End Gcode for Celestrius Bed Scan

ยท 3 min read

Select the Appropriate G-Codeโ€‹

Select the appropriate G-Code based on the size of the build plate your 3D printer has. If you're build plate dimensions are not available, let us know in the Celestrius Discord Server.

G0 Y40 F1000
G0 X40 F1000
G0 Z 1.0
G0 X140 F300
G0 Y60 F300
G0 X40 F300
G0 X140 F300
G0 Y80 F300
G0 X40 F300
G0 X140 F300
G0 Y100 F300
G0 X40 F300
G0 X140 F300
G0 Y120 F300
G0 X40 F300
G0 X140 F300
G0 Y140 F300
G0 X90 Y90
G0 Z10
G0 X0 F1000
G0 Y0 F1000

Add the G-Code to your Slicerโ€‹

1. Open your slicing software of choice. In this example, I am using Prusa Slicer. 2. In the Printer Settings tab, click Custom G-Code In this example, I am using a Prusa Mini with unmodified end G-code. It looks like this:

G1 E-1 F2100 ; retract
{if max_layer_z < max_print_height}G1 Z{z_offset+min(max_layer_z+2, max_print_height)} F720 ; Move print head up{endif}
G1 X178 Y178 F4200 ; park print head

{if max_layer_z < max_print_height}G1 Z{z_offset+min(max_layer_z+30, max_print_height)} F720 ; Move print head further up{endif}
G4 ; wait

M104 S0 ; turn off temperature
M140 S0 ; turn off heatbed
M107 ; turn off fan
M221 S100 ; reset flow
M900 K0 ; reset LA
M84 ; disable motors
  • We want to add the G-Code right after the print finishes, and the nozzle temperature has been turned off. I'll add my G-Code right after the line M104 S0 ; turn off temperature. If you aren't sure what is happenning in your end G-Code, simply paste the G-code in after the last line.

Slice this model with the new end G-Code and print it. After the print finishes, the nozzle should move to the lower left corner of the printed object and then start moving back and forth until it reaches the other end of the object. Please report any issues to the Obico team on the Celestrius Discord.


Remember to remove the end G-Code from your slicer when you are finished collecting data for the Celestrius Pilot, or if you want to print a print unrelated to the Celestrius Pilot. This G-Code will cause collissions with any parts printed higher than 1mm.