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Get help from a human


To speed up the diagnosis and get the problem figured out and solved faster, please collect the following info before you ask for help.

If you have the Pro plan

The robot behind The Spaghetti Detective is extremely powerful. But there are humans in The Detective Team (what a shocker!) and they are pretty helpful too.

If you have the Pro plan, you can get a guaranteed technical support by emailing us. We will get back to you within 8 business hours Mention in your email that you are a Pro subscriber.

If you have the Free plan

If you don't have the Pro plan, the fastest way to get help is to join TSD discord forum and ask your question there. Although there is no guarantee how quickly your question will be answered, there is a good chance that one of the very helpful TSD community members will jump in to help you.


The flip side of the popularity of The Spaghetti Detective is the number of users has outgrown our capacity to answer questions from all users. To make sure the team members can still spend enough time to improve the product, instead of being overwhelmed by emails, we had to make a tough decision to limit our technical support only to the Pro subscribers.