Your 3D Printer is Dumb. Make it Smart!

Take 3D printing to the next level with the community-built, open-source smart 3D printing platform used by makers, enthusiasts, and tinkerers around the world.

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Stop Worrying About Your 3D Printer!

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Smart 3D Printing


Smart 3D Printing
Means Fully Accessible from Anywhere

  • Monitor & Control from Anywhere

    Check in on your prints, watch the livestream, and control every aspect of your 3D printer from anywhere using any device.

  • Catch Hazards Early

    Check in on your prints in real time to instantly know if your printer is acting up.

Printer Status Notifications Keep You Up to Date

Get print status and update notifications pushed to your phone, sent via email, text, and many other platforms so you can do other tasks without worrying whatโ€™s going on with your printer.

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Obico Keeps an Eye on Your Prints So You Donโ€™t Have To

  • Save Time & Money

    Obico watches your prints for you, uses AI to catch failures, and stops the print early.

  • Prevent Equipment Damage

    Obico catches failures early before they cause catastrophic equipment damage.

Built on Top of Your Favorite 3D Printing Platforms and Companies

Expand the functionality of your favorite open-source 3D printing projects with full remote access to OctoPrint, Fluidd, and Mainsail from anywhere. Obico is fully compatible with some of your favorite brands.


Open-Source at the Core

Open-source is at the core of the maker movement. Collaborate to innovate.

Open source means transparency and collaboration. Obico couldn't have been built without direction contribution from hundreds of community members. Learn how you can contribute.

Open source also means hackable and customizable. As makers, we love to hack. We made Obico completely open-source so you can optimize it for your favorite 3D printer, or your fleet of multiple printers.

2 Ways to Get Started


  • Locally hosted on your own server
  • Some technical skills and additional hardware required
  • Fully customizable. Optimize your setup to your liking.
  • Associated costs depend on your server configuration

Obico Cloud

  • Managed and maintained by Obico
  • No technical skills or additional hardware required.
  • If you are running OctoPrint, Fluidd, or Mainsail, you can get started in less than five minutes.
  • Free plan for occasional printing. Pro plan for more frequent printing.

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Obico Community

We have an active community with a thousands of makers who help each other with troubleshooting, chat about 3D printng, and share awesome projects.


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