AI Failure Detection Gives You 3D Printing Peace of Mind

Obico is your extra set of eyes.

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Kilograms of filament saved

3D Printing Can Be Frustrating!

3D printing is fun, spaghetti monsters are not

We’ve all been there—as soon as you turn your back, your 3D print goes awry and a spaghetti monster sabotages your run.

Anxiety shouldn't stop you from running long prints

Complex prints can take hours, even days to complete—one mistake can lead to potential equipment damage and fire hazards.

You have better things to do than to watch over your printer

Your day shouldn't be interrupted every 15 minutes just because you have an unattended print running at home.

3D Printer Failure Detection

Save Time and Money

Our AI failure detection system watches your prints so you don’t have to.

  • Get failure alerts pushed to your phone through the Obico mobile app, sent through email, sms, and more.
  • Fully customizable failure detection alerts. Just get notified or have Obi pause the print when a failure is detected.
  • Lower equipment damage risk

    Lower the chances of the dreaded nozzle blob of doom and other 3D printing related failures that can cause costly equipment damage.

  • Stop Worrying All the Time

    AI failure detection is your extra set of eyes to watch your 3D printer when you’re busy

Obico’s AI Failure Detection Works With Your Favorite 3D Printing Platforms

Expand the functionality of your favorite open-source 3D printing projects with full remote access to OctoPrint, Fluidd, and Mainsail from anywhere.


How It Works?

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Connect A Camera

Connect a camera to your raspberry pi with sufficient lighting.

Print With Peace of Mind

AI watches your prints, and alerts you if something looks fishy.

Examples of AI Failure Detection In Action

See Obico’s AI Failure Detection in action with these featured clips.

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