Use OctoApp & OctoPrint Anywhere on Android or iOS.

OctoApp for OctoPrint is a great mobile app for controlling your printer from a mobile device. Follow this quick guide to access OctoApp from anywhere using Android or iOS.

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What is OctoApp?

OctoApp simplifies remote 3D printer management, connecting Android and iOS devices to printers through OctoPrint.

OctoApp boasts features like real-time monitoring, file management, support for multiple printers, and integration with OctoPrint servers. Users can track print progress, temperatures, and manage print files on the go. Notifications keep users updated, making OctoApp an efficient tool for 3D printing enthusiasts and professionals.

Lets Get Started: OctoApp Remote Access

  • Create An Obico for OctoPrint Account

    Start by visiting the Obico website and sign up for a free account. The great news is that no credit card information is required for the free tier, making it accessible to all 3D printing enthusiasts.

  • OctoApp Optional: Download the Obico for iOS or Android App

    If you are feeling lazy and just want remote printer access, you can stop here and download Obico's iOS / Android mobile app with built in remote OctoPrint access.

Next Step

Install the Obico Plugin on OctoPrint

To get started, open your OctoPrint web interface and head over to the "Settings" section. Within the settings, choose "Plugin Manager." Search for the "Obico" plugin, click on "Install", and then patiently wait for the installation process to complete.

Restart OctoPrint after installation.

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Link OctoPrint to Obico

After restarting, you'll come across the Obico setup screen where you should select "Setup" and then choose the "Web Setup" option. This will lead to the generation of a unique six-digit verification code. To link OctoPrint to Obico, head back to the Obico website and click on "Link OctoPrint." Simply input the six-digit verification code you received and confirm the link to establish the connection between the two platforms.

Don't forget to give your printer a fun new name!


Link Obico Account to OctoApp

If you're using OctoApp version 1.12 or higher, start by accessing the OctoPrint menu within the app. Towards the bottom of the menu, you'll find the option to "Config Remote Access." Select "Obico" from the available choices and click "Connect." This action will lead you to the Obico webpage. Here, you'll need to sign in using your Obico account credentials to establish the connection.

Get Started With Obico

What's next?

It's essential to plan for the future. While the OctoApp provides remote access, it may come with data limitations.

To avoid reaching data limitations, please consider using the Obico mobile app. Obico provides an ever expanding amount of features, including built-in remote OctoPrint access, to give a smooth 3D printing experience. Download now for iOS or Android.


What is Obico?
Obico is an open-source smart 3D printing software that gives makers full 3D printer remote access, webcam streaming, Ai failure detection, a mobile app for iOS and Android and more. Obico is fully compatible with Klipper and OctoPrint, as well as a variety of mobile apps like OctoApp!
What is OctoApp, and how does it relate to OctoPrint?
OctoApp is a mobile application that allows you to remotely control your 3D printer connected to OctoPrint. OctoPrint is a web interface used for managing and monitoring 3D prints. Together, you can easily control your printer from your mobile device.
Is Obico’s OctoApp remote access free to use?
You can use the OctoApp anywhere once configured with Obico for up to 350 megabytes per month. This is plenty if you usually print at home often, but if you do a lot of remote 3D printing you can consider upgrading to the Pro Plan.
Does OctoApp work outside of my local wifi network?
OctoApp is initially built for use on the same wifi network as your 3D printer, but OctoApp’s remote access integration with Obico allows you to use OctoApp remotely from anywhere!
Still have questions?
Join the Obico Discord Server to get your questions answered from the Obico team and other community members.