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Connect OrcaSlicer to Obico

Connect OrcaSlicer, your favorite slicer, to your Obico printer!

Select Obico printer and retrieve API key to OrcaSlicer

  1. In the "Prepare" tab, click the 🛜 icon next to the printer dropdown.

  2. Select "Obico" in the "Host Type" drop down.

  3. Make sure the hostname is, which is the default.

  4. Click "Test" button.

  5. Login with your Obico account. If you don't have an Obico account yet, follow this setup guide (OctoPrint) or this setup guide (Klipper).

  6. Click "Authorize".

  7. The "API Key" field should be automatically filled. You should NOT try to fill it yourself.

  8. Click "Refresh Printers"

  9. If you have multiple printers in Obico, select the printer to connect.

  10. Make sure the "Device UI" field is automatically filled.